Multi-family properties require continuous upkeep. Woodmark Construction is sensitive to the heavy responsibility that the board members carry. We offer many services to help lighten the load. We are adept at scheduling and logistics.


  • Floor Joists

  • Ceiling Joists

  • Wood Beams

  • Steel Beams

  • Cracks in Concrete Floors and Slabs


San Diego County provides a thriving environment for wood destroying organisms (termites and fungus). The effects can range from cosmetic to extensive structural damage. Our long history of handling damaged wood has provided us with the experience to know when to repair and when to replace. There are many steps involved in working with termite damaged and dry rot damaged wood and our staff is well trained in all aspects of the process.


One of the most frequent liability issues for Multi-family properties is failing balcony and landing structures. We specialize in rebuilding these high use areas. We are familiar with the anatomy of the balconies, decks and staircases. Aside from the structural aspect we also provide various types of deck coatings for extended wear.


Water intrusion can come from many different sources; however, the results are the same – damage. The necessary steps are clean up and removal of damaged materials, repairs and restoration of the affected area. Woodmark Construction is experienced with all types of water damage repair – clean, gray and black.


Woodmark Construction can handle small to large maintenance projects from the roof to the subfloor of your business, office or warehouse. We are conscience of your business needs and we provide flexible scheduling so as not to impact your daily business/income. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it, done it, or know someone who can.


Woodmark specializes in working with HOAs and the unique scenarios they present. From the outset of a project we will work together with you as a property manager to get the right bid at the right time! In every phase we enjoy meeting and interacting with members of the board and responsible homeowners to adjust our work to fit the budget, design and practical needs of your HOA.

As the trusted Contractor of over 30 Home Owners Associations in San Diego, Woodmark brings experience, knowledge and care to your property!